Why your 30s and 40s is the best time to travel

Why Travel Is So Much Better in Your 30's

We all get those Facebook Memories pop up in our feed of our travels back in our twenties. And sure, in those post-university pictures we look fresh-faced and excited to be taking our first big trip overseas. But, while travelling in your early twenties was lots of fun, there are many reasons why travelling in your 30’s and 40’s can be much more rewarding.

You know what you’re doing

You’ve made your travel mistakes and you’ve moved past trying to fit 10 destinations into a two week trip. In your 30’s and 40’s, you have a clearer understanding of what you want from each trip and are better equipped to execute it.

You’re not afraid to be alone​​

Travelling solo doesn’t have to mean travelling alone. However, on any trip, it’s important to take some time out for yourself. And while dining alone in your twenties would have filled you with dread, you now embrace the experience of spending time alone.

You have more money

Gone are the days of having to stay in ten-bed dorm rooms and cooking Pot Noodles in the communal kitchen. You’re at a stage in life where you can afford to stay where you want, eat what you want and do all of the activities you want to.

You know your tribe

You’re a better judge of people and you know the type of energy you want to surround yourself with. Whether you plan to travel solo or in a small group, one of the best things about any trip is making new friendships that could last a lifetime.

You’re the fittest you’ve ever been

Climbing peaks, kayaking down rivers, cycling through cities - you can do it all. Without all the all-night partying and binge drinking of your twenties, you’ve never been in better shape and are ready to take on new physical challenges.

Knowledge is power

You have a better understanding of how you travel impacts the environment and local communities. You know how to use your travel for good by choosing companies who have a commitment to sustainability and making a positive different to the lives of local people.

You know your limits

We’ve all woken up with a pounding head and that feeling of dread in the pit of the stomach after a night of drinking anything and everything in sight. One major bonus of getting older is knowing how much and what to drink. We still enjoy a couple of glasses of wine, but what’s more enjoyable is waking up with a clear head, ready to take on the day!

Posted by Jennifer Gaskin on February 07, 2019