Five travel influencers to follow if you want more than just pretty pictures

Five influencers to follow for more then pretty pictures

Beautifully shot and, let’s face it, beautifully edited, pictures are great. But, if you use Instagram to research your next holiday, you’re going to need a little bit more than bikini pictures and selfies. We’ve put together a list of our favourite travel influencers who will not only inspire you, but also give you the details you need to plan your own trip.















Beth Sandland @bethsandland

Best for: In-depth travel advice

For someone so young, Beth gives incredibly insightful and detailed accounts of her travels. We particularly enjoyed following her journey through Sri Lanka and India, where she took us along for the ride on an elephant safari and taught us the history of the Taj Mahal.

We also love Beth because she tells it exactly like it is, if she doesn’t like something, she lets us know. She’s also not afraid to admit when she’s not having a great time, and if you’ve ever travelled for an extended period, you’ll know that it’s not always idyllic beaches and flash hotels, travelling can be tiring, frustrating and sometimes, you just miss home.

Keep doing you, Beth!



















Kristabel Plummer @iamkristabel

Best for: Thought-provoking content

London-based fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger, Kristabel, first caught our attention when we came across a series of videos she had made about the diversity of travel influencers major brands use to front their campaigns. Spoiler alert – there isn’t very much.

As well as her honest posts about what it’s like to be a Black-British influencer, we particularly enjoyed following her journey through Mexico this year, which included a textile tour of Oaxaca.
















Craig and Aimee @wearekingingit

Best for: Posts to make you laugh

Now, following travelling couples is not usually our thing. Anyone else find the constant shots of sunset embraces, the classic hand-holding pose and #couplegoals, nauseating? BUT, these guys are guaranteed not to make you want to throw-up on your morning commute.

Currently travelling around Europe on their yellow bus named Custard, these guys are hilarious. Constantly laughing and pranking each other, they don’t take life too seriously, but they also provide some great insider tips for people interested in exploring some lesser-known destinations in Europe.


















Jessica Nabongo @thecatchmeifyoucan

Best for: Off-the-beaten-track travel

Jessica Nabongo made history this year by becoming the first black woman to travel to every country in the world on a two-and-a-half-year journey that she's chronicled non-stop on Instagram. If you look back through her feed, you’ll see her walking through the desert in Sudan, exploring markets in Malawi, sleeping in a yurt in Kyrgystan and crossing the border into North Korea.

But one of our favourite things about her account is her ‘Travel Fails’ highlight, proving that sometimes travelling can go very, very wrong. But, it's all part of the journey, right?













Emily Luxton @em_luxton

Best for: Solo female travel

UK-based Emily Luxton is a travel blogger focusing on solo female adventure travel and deeper, slower travel. Rather than trying to visit as many places as possible, Emily focuses on deeper, more intelligent travel.

Emily has recently visited Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival and we LOVED following her adventure there. Head over to @em_luxton if you’re thinking about travelling with us to Dia de Los Muertos next year.

Posted by Jennifer on November 10, 2019