Make 2019 the year you take that solo trip

Make 2019 the year you take that solo trip

'The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready' - Henry David Thoreau​

If you haven't already travelled solo, then let 2019 be the year you take the plunge. Travelling solo can be an empowering experience, and remember, travelling solo doesn’t have to mean travelling alone. It just means you can have the best of both worlds!​

You have the freedom to decide where you want to go, take on your favourite adventures and, most importantly, not have to fit into anyone else’s schedule. Not convinced? Here are five more reasons why travelling solo rocks.


Travelling solo, not alone

The thing most people fear about a solo trip is being lonely, but you don’t have to be alone. Joining a small group tour, like the ones we offer, gives you the safety of being with a group of like-minded fellow solo travellers, but the opportunity to do some of your own self-exploration. Plus, where you decide to go is all down to you. No more juggling schedules and trying to coordinate annual leave. Hurrah!

It’s all about you

There’s no one else to worry about, but you. You can travel carefree with no obligations or restrictions. How many hours have you spent coordinating calendars with friends, trying to find a time that everyone can travel? When you decide to travel solo, the only person who decides when and where you go, is you! Safari in South Africa, hiking in Sri Lanka, island-hopping in Indonesia? It’s totally up to you!  

A journey of self-discovery

It’s always fun to push your boundaries, discover new things and even re-discover yourself. Solo travel can give you time to reflect, reassess your priorities or even just give your brain a break from your usual routine. It could be a chance to make new and lasting friendships, discover new passions or even decide on a complete lifestyle or career change.

Give your self-confidence a boost

The great thing about travelling solo on a small group tour is that everyone is in the same boat, which makes it much easier to put yourself out there and strike up a conversation with new people. Each day they’ll be new challenges to embrace, whether it’s scaling a mountain or tackling a cooking class. You’ll return home feeling like you can take on the world!

Disconnect to reconnect

To really embrace a solo trip, you need to let go of that Instagram habit and give Facebook a break. It’s hard to really ‘be in the moment’ if you’re constantly checking up on what’s happening back home. Travelling gives you the opportunity to escape from your daily routine as well as taking a break from your usual circle of friends, so embrace it!

Posted by Jennifer Gaskin on March 01, 2018