The 14 best travel shows and films on Netflix Right Now (2020)

The 14 best travel shows and films on Netflix Right Now (2020)

Just because we can’t travel right now doesn’t mean we can’t dream, right? Fuel your wanderlust by watching the best travel shows and films on Netflix right now and do some travelling from the comfort of your couch. 

1. Travels with my Father 

Where is it set? South East Asia and Eastern Europe  

What’s it about? In series one, British comedian Jack Whitehall brings his father Michael Whitehall to South East Asia to follow the typical ‘gap year’ route. Starting in Thailand and travelling through Cambodia and Vietnam, father and son have very different ideas on what the trip should entail.   

Watch this if... You’ve always wondered what it would be like to travel the world with your dad, and you’re a fan if British humour  

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2. Lion 

Where’s it set? India and Australia  

What’s it about? Like many children in India at the time, Guddu and Saroo steal coal from freight trains to trade for milk and food for their family. One day Saroo falls asleep on a station bench and when he wakes up, Guddu is nowhere to be found. He finds himself on a moving train to Calcutta where he doesn’t understand the language and has no way to get home. The film follows his journey from India to Australia and back again. 

Watch this if... You want to understand the complexities of India... and you have plenty of tissues 

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3. Ibiza  

Where is it set? Ibiza (obviously), Barcelona and New York 

What’s it about? Harper, a single 30-year-old from New York hates her job, but in a surprise move from her thankless boss, she’s given the opportunity to travel to Barcelona for a business trip. When she tells her friends, they insist on coming along for the ride, and after meeting a DJ, they all end up partying in Ibiza for the weekend.  

Watch this if... You were planning a girls’ trip to Europe this year 

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4. Wine Country 

Where is it set? Napa Valley, California  

What’s it about? Abby (Amy Poehler) decides to celebrate her best friend Rebecca’s 50th birthday by planning the ultimate girls’ trip – a wine tasting weekend in California’s Napa Valley. Each of the women are going through their own struggles and hilarity ensues as more wine is consumed.   

Watch this if... You’re missing your besties and can’t wait for your next big girls' trip! 

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5. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind 

Where’s it set? Malawi 

What’s it about? Willian Kankwamba is a schoolboy from a family of farmers living in rural Malawi. When a drought hits, William is banned from school because his father can’t afford the fees. Despite this, William devises a plan to build a windmill to bring power and water to his family’s farm, saving the lives of his entire village. 

Watch this if... You’re in need of an uplifting true story  

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6. Expedition Happiness 

Where’s it set? North America  

What’s it about? Felix and Selima, a filmmaker and musician, convert and old school bus into a home on wheels and set off on an epic road trip across North America with their dog, Rudi. 

Watch this if... You’re considering a camper van holiday or a long trip with your SO 

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7. Murder Mystery  

Where is it set? Europe 

What’s it about? Nick (Adam Sandler) and his with Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) set off on the trip of a lifetime to Europe to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. On the plane, Audrey meets a billionaire who invites the couple to join him on his yacht. Once they set sail, there’s a murder and the couple are the prime suspects. 

Watch this if... You need a laugh  

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8. Night on Earth 

Where’s it set? Earth 

What’s it about? This Netflix documentary reveals the hidden life of wild animals after darkness falls. You'll be captivated by lions hunting across the African savannah, mothers and babies struggling to survive frozen nights and the ebb and flow of life under the sea.  

Watch this if... You’ve watched every episode of Planet Earth 

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9. Dark Tourist 

Where’s it set? Worldwide  

What’s it about? Journalist, David Farrier, explores the phenomenon of dark tourism, including the legacy of Pablo Escobar in Medellin, the Fukishima nuclear disaster, voodoo in Benin and a tour of the Manson Family murders in Los Angeles. 

Watch this if... You want a deeper dive into the ethics of dark tourism  

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10. The Kindness Diaries  

Where’s it set? Worldwide  

What’s it about? Former stockbroker, Leon Logothetis, travels the world relying only on the kindness of strangers. He builds relationships with the people who help him and listens to their stories, he then helps them realise their dreams. We think the premise is slightly problematic, but we’ll let you make your own mind up. 

Watch this if... You’re in need of a mood booster  

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11. Like Father 

Where is it set? On a Caribbean cruise 

What’s it about? When Rachel (Kirsten Bell) is left at the altar, she ends up on her honeymoon, a Caribbean cruise, with the worst possible companion – her estranged father (Kelsey Grammer). It’s a rocky ride, but over the course of a few forced excursions, the pair tart to rekindle their bond.  

Watch this if... A cruise is your idea of paradise or your worst nightmare, either way belly laughs are guaranteed  

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12. Up In the Air 

Where’s it set? USA 

What’s it about? George Clooney plays Ryan Bingham, who works for a human resource company specialising in terminations. His work means he’s constantly flying all over the US and he aspires to earning ten million frequent flyer points. On his travels he meets Alex, another frequent flyer and they start a casual relationship. But when an ambitious new hire starts at his company, Ryan’s nomadic lifestyle is threatened, and he’s not happy about it. 

Watch this if... A life on the road has always appealed to you 

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13. Into the Wild 

Where’s it set? North America  

What’s it about? The true story of Christopher McCandless who rejects conventional life and travels into Alaskan wilderness to live in an abandoned bus. The film follows his journey through North America to Alaska and the people he meets along the way.  

Watch this if... You’ve wondered how easy it would be to ‘live off the land’. Spoiler alert: very, very hard.

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14. Jane 

Where’s it set? Tanzania  

What’s it about? If you don’t know who Jane Goodall is, you should. The documentary follows the woman who dedicated her life to the research of chimpanzees in Tanzania and revolutionised our understanding of the natural world.  

Watch this if... You’ve dreamed of working with animals  

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Posted by Jennifer on April 08, 2020